Why not contact us? We all love holidays. Everything about them is exciting - making  the decision on where to go, the planning, the anticipation, the enjoyment of experiencing a different  place, even the return back to a comfortable and familiar home.  But how about a holiday with a difference? One where you plan with, travel with, and enjoy the company  of, a group of friends; one where you go to a place where you will be staying with like-minded people who  will almost certainly become new friends as you get to know them?  The concept is simple: members of one Friendship Force arrange to visit and stay in the homes of  another, and live with the family for a week, sharing their lives, exchanging views and being shown  local  beauty spots and attractions. In return, they will expect to host members of other groups from time to  time. There are currently 367 clubs in 60 countries, with over 22,000 members throughout the world.  If you live in Cornwall and think that you would enjoy making new friends and gaining genuinely new  experiences when travelling across the world, then please do contact us. We would be pleased to hear  from you.  If you need more information or have questions about the Friendship Force of Cornwall, then please  press the link below.